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How can I do split screen multiplayer on my computer. Because i just tried it and two people were being controlled by the same mouse, (one with low sensitivity and another with high), I also cannot seem to find controls for both players (maybe I haven't had a good look yet, [just briefly looked through so far, so don't get angry if it is in options])

Hello! Split screen multiplayer is only supported with controllers or either a controller and keyboard. Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks, that solves my problem

and also, is it possible if you can increase hit damage? or make the clip/mag capacity bigger. Because the first round was fairly hard to defeat when you had loads of zombies and a gun that does little damage and has small mag capacity

Well, at the moment Afterlife arcade is no longer updated.My personal recomendation is to use the knife at first rounds and farm a lot of points in order to buy perks. Your petition are indeed two of them. Thanks for play Afterlife :D

Is this lan based multiplayer or same screen multiplayer?

Split screen multiplayer!

is this local multi player?


I really enjoyed the game but 2 questions, how do you knife? and why is the mouse sensitivity so high?

Hi Donut, I understand that you play with keyboard so you stab with [Q]. If you decide to give it a try on a controller press [Right thumbstick]. Also you can adjust mouse sensitivity in Options menu.

Thanks for playing! 


My girlfriend played this and she really enjoyed it!

Thanks for the video! And if you'll give it another try remember that when you run out of ammo is possible to stab with 'Q'! :)


Gave it a go...


i loved the game! Bring a smile on my face! i do wish there are more guns and maybe upgrades to them in some way! another thing i found awhile this maybe an Easter egg? 11:27 if so how do i unlock and if not i noticed ammo stuff drop more when i killed zombies in it! any future plans with this project! big fan and cant wait to see what you do with it!

Hi! First of all thanks for the video. Well about the 11:27 ... who knows? ;) About the project Team 5 considers it "finished", I mean by the moment we are fixing some bugs and adjusting game balance. But we will take into account your feedback and maybe we add some things for next releases. Glad to see you enjoyed our game!


pretty cool game hope to see more like this soon :D

Hi! Thanks for the video I really laughed watching you play. Also gotta say that you got a knife on the Q and I guess by your gameplay that we should say that at some place. Hope you enjoyed the game! If you got some feedback feel free to share it, we will improve the game with it :).


Really solid atmosphere and mechanics, but I did find that I was out of ammo pretty often and didn't have a reliable way to refill it. Is the ammo drop random? Also found it was pretty easy to cheese the zombies by standing on a table in the second section. Some music or more ambient sound would go a long way for the overall feel too, but it's a pretty solid foundation! Good work!

Hi! Thanks for make a gameplay of our game and for the feedback. We'll try to improve the game with it! Which kind of music do you think fits it? Just curiosity :)


Well the game is themed around arcades, so why not some chiptune, or electronic with some horror themes mixed in?


Really solid Nazi Zombie style game. I like the use of the arcade machines as the dispensers for weapons and perks. 

One thing i noticed was that you don't seem to be able to reload if you can't reload a full magazine. So if i have 10 shots left for a 25 round gun it won't reload the gun. 

Hi! Thanks for the feedback and for the video. I really laughed and enjoyed it. I just want to tell you two things, first one is that you can stab with Q or Right Thumbstick, and second one is that we didn't have time to put music in it (it's a students project and we'd got really hard deadlines).  Thanks for playing it! And yep I guess that the saloon is in space :').

I cannot launch it :(

Hi ! I really have no idea of what may be happening. Can you provide me more info about your pc? 


Some resolution and quality settings would be really nice, trying to record but I think the exe defaults to primary screen resolution so it's trying to run at 4k and not holding up. Doesn't Unity have a built in launcher that allows that? Didn't see one this time around. Also, the sensitivity (misspelled in game) is crazy high, set all to 1 with my mouse at 800 dpi to get it to a reasonable level.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I'll take a look and try to solve it as soon as possible!


Hey CoalFire I uploaded a new version of Afterlife Arcade solving your issues. Just download again the game and you'll get the final version. Thanks again for your feedback and Team 5 hope you enjoy it!


I feel like im wearing sandbags for feet


If you press left shift (or left joystick on xbox controller) you can run :)